Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ladies gloves

Naga's Meas Channa (7) with his long white ladies gloves. Photo: nicksellsphotography
Here's some pictures by Nick Sells from yesterday's games and something I noticed a few weeks ago in the Naga team. I saw skipper Sun Sovanrithy with what I could only describe as long white ladies gloves before a game and now it seems the fashion has caught on with three more Naga players Meas Channa, Teab Vatanak and Kim Chanbunrith. The finger mittens have gone but the white sleeves remain. Surely it would just be easier to get some long sleeved shirts wouldn't it lads?
The other photos show the moment where Preah Khan were reduced to 10 men in the 20th minute of their match against Phnom Penh Crown. Anthony Nzekwest, who's hiding behind Ouk Mic, tries to ignore referee Duong Socheat's red card after he pulled back Prince Justine in a run on goal. He'd been booked 9 minutes earlier so the referee had no choice but to give him his marching orders. Finally, how many more defeats can Khemara's owner Lah Salakhan take before he reviews the position of coach Solomon Demagudu, who took charge of the team at the start of the current season but has seen his outfit crash to 5 defeats in their 8 games played. The coach is currently taking his AFC C License coaching badge course after enjoying a less than successful stint with Phuchung Neak last term; they were relegated. Khemara were beaten into 2nd place by Naga in last season's championship but look a shadow of that team in recent weeks.
Referee Duong Socheat advises Preah Khan's Anthony Nzekwest of his early bath. Photo nicksellsphotography
Khemara coach Solomon Demagudu (green) watches the action with owner Lah Salakhan. Photo nicksellsphotography

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