Sunday, May 9, 2010


Concerned teammates peer through the windows of the ambulance as the medics try to revive Wilson Mene. Photo: nicksellsphotography
I've just seen Nick Sells' photographs from yesterday's incident which saw Wilson Mene from Prek Pra Keila collapse on the Olympic Stadium pitch and fail to revive despite the attempts of the medical staff present, both on the pitch and in the military police ambulance. Though Nick's pictures are incredibly powerful, I won't publish any of the deceased player during the incident out of respect. However, Nick's timeline of the incident throws some light on the attempts made to revive Wilson. The medic arrived at Wilson's side within 12 seconds of his collapse and immediately put him into the recovery position and initiated CPR within another 20 seconds. Wilson was stretched to the ambulance within three minutes, where further CPR and oxygen were administered and the ambulance left the pitchside 9 minutes later. I understand Wilson was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. A very sad day for football in Cambodia.
The Prek Pra Keila line-up before yesterday's game. Wilson Mene is no 28, far right on the front row. Photo: nicksellsphotography

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