Sunday, May 16, 2010

Decisions and celebrations

Yien Kivatanak dismisses Chhun Kirivatharo with his skipper Kuoch Sokumpheak (10) equally perplexed. Photo Nick Sells
More of Nick Sells' pictures capturing some of yesterday's important moments as referee Yien Kivatanak dismisses Khemara's Chhun Kirivatharo and hands the advantage to Prek Pra, for whom Sos Souhana (12) netted their opening goal of three. Also we can see the delight of In Vichheka as he opens the scoring for Kirivong against Wat Phnom. More of Nick's pics here. Oh and he spotted someone coming down the steps of the main stand, possibly his best action shots of the afternoon.
The delight of scoring Prek Pra's goal is flowing through Sos Souhana and his teammates. Photo Nick Sells
Kirivong's In Vichheka leaves Wat Phnom's Nathan Nwaowu on the floor to score the opening goal. Photo Nick Sells
Making sure I don't miss any of the action. Photo Nick Sells
Getting ready to flash my pass to the military police in charge of pitchside security. Photo Nick Sells

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