Sunday, May 2, 2010

Less is more

Keeping his cards in his pocket, nearly, is Thong Chankethya, the man in the middle. Fortunately he has a badge with referee on his shirt to remind him. Pic:
Bloody typical. There I go, bemoaning the card waving antics of the referees in the Metfone C-League and identifying the three main culprits and hey presto, two of them are in charge of today's two matches and what do they do, they try their hardest to keep their hands, and cards, in their pockets. Obviously, where Thong Chankethya and Yien Kivatanak are involved, they couldn't get through a game without flashing the cards but they did dramatically reduce their card count, with Chankethya booking just 1 BBU player and Kivatanak limiting himself to just 2 yellows (1 apiece from Prek Pra and the Army). In anyone's book, that's a result. Maybe they have been sneeking a peek at my blog afterall. Less is more guys, keep it up.

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