Sunday, September 18, 2011

At the stadium

Final words from Crown coach David Booth at the end of their training session
More photos from the training session by Phnom Penh Crown on the almost perfect playing surface at the Kaohsiung national stadium in southern Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei to be politically correct). All six teams were allowed a 1-hour session prior to their first games. The stadium was built in 2009 with over 8,800 solar panels on the roof, the first of its kind, and covers an area of 19 hectares. Construction took two years ahead of the World Games held two years ago.

This is the open-ended part of the stadium with the giant scoreboard
Assistant coach Prak Vanny with his two goalkeepers
Stretching exercises under the watchful eye of David Booth
Crown prepare pitchside for their training session
Kaohsiung national stadium - a horseshoe-shaped steel-rod structure with a roof covered with solar panels
The impressive sweep of the stadium's seating area
The stadium’s unique, semi-spiral shape imitates a dragon
Another view of the national stadium in Kaohsiung
The outside entranceway at the national stadium

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