Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday morning in Kaohsiung

Breakfast is finished, now where's that i-phone and wi-fi?
Just finished breakfast and the Phnom Penh Crown players now have free time until we meet for lunch at 12.30. However for the staff there's a manager's meeting at 11am, when we confirm the regulations and the playing strips and so on. Then there's a team doctor's meeting at 12 noon and then the official press conference at 2pm. All of it is taking place in the conference center at the Garden Villa Hotel (211 rooms with swimming pool, fitness center, etc). The players finally get to shake the lead out of their boots when they have an hour's worth of training on the national stadium pitch at 3.30pm. The stadium is 20 minutes from the hotel. In the meantime the players will either sleep or spend their time on their i-phones and lap-tops. What did players do before all these gadgets were in vogue? Weather-wise we have a completely blue sky, not a cloud in sight and definitely no rain. Any injuries? Just full stomachs after some of the players ate breakfast like they'd been starved for weeks beforehand.
The Garden Villa Hotel in Kasohsiung - home for the 5 foreign teams in the competition

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