Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More fans please

Crown coach David Booth congratulates Sun Sopanha and Khim Borey on being selected for dope testing
The official attendance at our game yesterday was 118. How sad that a game of this stature can only attract a handful of spectators. When the home team, Taiwan Power Comapny played at 7pm - albeit under very wet and rainy conditions - only 1,400 people turned up to watch. In a stadium holding at least 40,000 that's a bit embarrassing. Taiwan were awarded this competition by the AFC and I understand that entry to the games is free if you get a ticket beforehand, so I would expect many more spectators than what we've seen so far. Phnom Penh Crown wanted to host the final stage but were overlooked, which is a pity as we would've had thousands of fans inside the Olympic Stadium for the matches. here are some more pictures from yesterday's match. In the 2nd game last night, Taiwan Power beat Istiklol 2-0 on a waterlogged pitch which made it anyone's game and the home team got through on desire and adrenaline alone.
Kouch Sokumpheak was vomiting at half-time but still completed 90 minutes
That's Peng Bunchhay flat-out in injury-time on the stadium's massive screen
Though they look like ants, that's San Narith's unsuccessful penalty just before half-time
The Crown bench just before kick-off
Thul Sothearith leads out the Crown team in red & black
More words of wisdom from head coach David Booth and his assistant Bouy Dary
Peng Bunchhay in his dressing-room cubicle before he got a knee to his temple at the end of the game
Dressing-room pep-talk from coach David Booth
Pre-match warm-up for Chan Chay and Kouch Sokumpheak
Whatever Kingsley Njoku was looking for, he got it with the 1st goal, a sublime chip from 20 yards
Pre-match warming-up session on the stadium pitch
Crown president, Rithy Samnang, his wife and supporters in the VIP area

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