Monday, September 19, 2011

Frayed nerves

My nerves are completely frayed. I watched most of the game from the press box trying to keep the Phnom Penh Crown facebook page updated with all the action but my lap-top battery died on me, so for the last ten minutes I went and sat in the Crown dugout at the side of the pitch. Don't worry, as press officer I have that privilege. But it was even worse sat on the bench as the team went through the nervous nineties and into time added on. A head injury to Peng Bunchhay added a bit more time on until the South Korean referee blew his whistle and we could all relax. We'd achieved what few Cambodian teams do, we'd won away from home in the final stage of a major cup competition and have given ourselves a great opportunity to get through to the final. But the job is half done. We now face the reigning cup winners from Burma, so we have to go through it all again on Wednesday. I don't think my nerves can take much more. Match report to follow.

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