Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun and hard work

Some tired bodies after the hour-long training session this morning
After having yesterday off, the Phnom Penh Crown squad were back at the training field early this morning for a 7.30am session. The hour-long stint at the national training center in the shadow of the Kaohsiung national stadium began with some stretches, followed by a couple of fun exercises and then down to the serious one-touch four-a-side games. A two-touch half-pitch sized game followed and coach David Booth finished off with some sprinting just to make sure the players were in tip-top shape ahead of Sunday's AFC President's Cup final. Later tonight, the team will travel the fifteen minutes to the stadium to watch the Taiwan Power Company versus FC Balkan (from Turkmenistan) match, which will determine who Crown face in the final. The hosts only need a draw to qualify.
David Booth issues instructions at training this morning
Sprints brought an end to this morning's session
I don't think Kouch Sokumpheak has seen a camera before - he doesn't get out much
The team having some fun at training this morning
Catch-ball brought some light relief to the session
There's time for fun during the hard work in preparation for Sunday's final
When the whistle blows, find a partner or two
The bibs-team listening to instructions
Taking note - Sovannrithy, Sothearith, Chaya and Ratana

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