Thursday, September 22, 2011

Winning feeling

Coach David Booth congratulates Kouch Sokumpheak on another sublime performance
These are a few more pictures from yesterday. Today is a rest and relaxation day for the Phnom Penh Crown playing and coaching staff. They had their usual mid-day team meeting and the players can swim in the pool, go for a walk or sleep in their rooms, it's up to them. Training will re-start tomorrow morning at 7.30am, before breakfast. In today's team meeting, coach David Booth told his squad of players the following;
"We need to cut out the little mistakes, the small things. I've waited a long time since I came here to see the easy goal. Yesterday we scored the perfect, easy goal because we were very clever... We've said all along that you can do this, and now it's important that you do not change your attitude, your style, because if we do not perform in the final on Sunday, it will be for nothing. The way you played yesterday, everyone is talking that you can win. The problem is if we think it's all over. You have won two games because of the hard work you put in, so don't change your style now. It's not about me, it's all about you. You are the ones who've worked to win these games, to put yourselves in this position. I respect you so much for this. I want you to look back at this and see how you won. Grab hold of this winning feeling and take it into Sunday's game. You've worked your socks off and now you have the chance to go back to Cambodia as a winner, something no-one has ever done before... If we stick together, and work together, we can win together. Sunday's game, whoever we play, will be harder because it's the final. It boils down to which team has the biggest desire, the most determination and who grabs the chance with both hands...The game on Sunday is about our pride and our team performance. This is what we are here for. Nobody will give us anything - you have to take it yourselves."
Sun Sovannrithy taking a deep breath after the 4-0 success
The Crown substitutes are up and waiting to cheer their teammates on the pitch
The important half-time team talk against Yadanarbon
"Keep it tight for 20 minutes of the 2nd half - don't concede," says coach David Booth
Swapping club pennants with Thul Sothearith in red
Crown line-up for the pre-match handshakes
Warming-up for Khim Borey and Odion Obadin
Kouch Sokumpheak and Sun Sopanha take a good stretch before the match
The 4th official and match commissioner check the playing kit and player id's before the game
Time for another pep-talk from the head coach
An early morning stretch and warm up in the hotel corridor, with a few words from David Booth
A screenshot of Chan Chaya celebrating his goal against Neftchi in the 1st game
That is the back-end of Kingsley Njoku, celebrating with the corner flag, his goal against Neftchi

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