Monday, April 2, 2012

Army dent Naga's hopes

Sun Sovannrithy, back row far left, makes his 1st appearance for NagaCorp
One Metfone C-League match review missing from the weekend; the early kick-off yesterday afternoon between NagaCorp and the Army. Not exactly two teams who I have a lot of time for I must admit. As it turned out, the points were shared with Naga taking the lead five minutes after half-time with a thumping Teab Vathanak header from the edge of the box. Then with five minutes of the game remaining, it was Army's Phoung Soksana that got a header in at the far post and in the ensuing melee, the ball trickled over the goal-line to make it 1-1 at the final whistle. Referee Chuop Visal is a new kid on the block and he let a lot of unsavoury stuff happen without caution. Naga, who already have the top diver in the country in Teab Vathanak, have now added another to their ranks, namely Shola Lawal, who appealed and squealed for every decision, spending more time on his arse than on his feet. Naga also expanded their former PPCFC ranks with the introduction in this match of Sun Sovannrithy, playing as a striker and substitute San Narith, both of whom were banned by the AFC for six months for their attack on the referee in the AFC President's Cup Final. They joined former PPCFC teammates Thul Sothearith, Ken Nwafor and Sun Sopanha in the Naga line-up.
The Army team levelled the game a few minutes from the end to make it 1-1

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