Sunday, April 1, 2012

From the booth

David Booth and his Crown team in the dressing room before today's match
Speaking immediately after the final whistle of today's encounter, Phnom Penh Crown head coach David Booth had this to say:
"We were never going to lose it. In the 2nd half I never felt for a moment that we were in any danger whatsoever. They had one chance early on, a header, and that was it. We were in control, we were playing well after we got back in the game early, and were never going to lose the game. This is where we look for concentration from all players, but it's costing us in every single game. The rest of the team is working hard, and trying to win the game, you depend on your goalkeeper to keep it safe, but its not happening, I'm afraid.
In the first half, they were sharper than us, they deserved to be in front and we were second. We let them run us around. Fortunately we only gave away one goal. We had a sorting out at half-time, a good one and we started the second half in good fashion. If we'd started the first half as we started the second, we wouldn't have been in the situation.
The referees should learn the rules of the game. Sokumpheak was onside when the ball was played, it hit the defender's foot and got in behind them, in any European country it's a goal. Here, it's what they decide. You've got to look at the linesman and ask - does he know the rules or not? Not just because we lost the game, but I thought it was a perfectly good goal.
We've only got a certain number of players who are able to play, who are capable to play, at this level. The ones who are capable have to step up to the mark. Our foreign players have to be far better than our local players and at the moment, it's not happening."

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