Saturday, April 21, 2012

We can play better

David Booth speaks after the game
I caught up with Phnom Penh Crown head coach David Booth immediately after the final whistle of his team's 3-0 success against BBU at the Olympic Stadium this afternoon, as the floodlights around us were switched off, leaving us in complete darkness. That didn't deter us as he gave me his views on today's match.
"1-0 at half-time was probably fair. The field is awful, not conditions for good football, good passing or good control and with a bumpy pitch and the wind as well, it was difficult. We deserved to be  in front, we had one or two chances, we hit the post, we had a few chances to go further in front, but it gave us something to fight for in the 2nd half. I felt we should've still pressed them a bit more, on their midfield players. We tended to stand off them - it seems to be a trait here in Cambodia that midfield players are allowed space to play, for both teams. Back home it's the most congested and most intense part of the field, but doesn't seem to be like that here.
In the 2nd half, they had an extra man in midfield, so we changed it to 4-4-2 to nullify them. To be fair our goalkeeper did quite well today, I've criticised him in the past but he did well today. They didn't really have a chance in the 2nd half. We changed it to four instead of three in the middle and tried to get the ball up front quicker, get it behind them and it worked. Both Kingsley and Sokumpheak got their goals. We changed to play to the conditions. We felt it was going to rain, so we wanted to get the ball alongside and behind them. We've got speed and strength and I thought it worked out well.
We can play better than that. We have to look at the players we've got. They are not the same players that we had last year, it takes time to blood them in. We've got eight positional changes from last year. We've got to be a little patient but I think it will come eventually."

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