Monday, April 30, 2012

Meeting deadlines

A sneak look at the PPCFC team photo in the new Year Book

Be prepared for lots of footy stuff this week as there's a rather large competition taking place in Phnom Penh and I'll be taking a few days off work as I'm heavily involved as the press officer for Phnom Penh Crown. We have a television commercial coming out any minute now, that will be blasted all over the Cambodian television channels to raise awareness amongst the football-loving public, especially as it has a prize draw and entertainment in the form of hip-hop bands at the games, etc. A sure way to attract the attention of Khmer youths. Give them a few free phone calls as well and they'll be your friend for life. No Preap Sovath this time around though.  I've just finished writing a new 2012 Year Book for Phnom Penh Crown and that will be printed and distributed by the end of this week as well. This edition will be in English but we'expect to have a Khmer translation sometime soon. There will be a lot more going on too, with a major press conference this Friday when everyone and their dog from the media will be present. The opposition teams will be arriving this week ahead of the first matches on Saturday. The media covered our first press conference on Saturday morning, to officially announce the tournament and the picture below is from

Phnom Penh Crown finally have someone to hold the video camera during games and then edit the highlights for our footy matches. Amandeep Singh is from India and he got in touch to offer his services a couple of weeks ago. He's in Cambodia as the country manager of an NGO and obviously loves football. He spent seven hours editing the first highlights video of our match against BBU, so he must love football. He made a good fist of the match against BBU and we are now planning on having video highlights on the club's official website from now on. Well, for as long as Aman has the time to video and then edit his handiwork. We've been looking for a videographer for the past year. They are like gold-dust. You can watch the BBU highlights on the website at When we get hold of the television commercial, we'll post that as well.
We look like a line-up of convicts rather than a footy club's backroom team

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