Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chaly is missing

Nov Soseila - sitting out the last few months of the season
One of the players missing from my proposed squad of 20 has also been missing from the Army line-up for the last few months, despite being one of the most exciting ball-dribblers of his generation. I'm talking about Nov Soseila, who wowed the crowds last season with his thrilling wing play but suffered a a sprained ankle just before the SEA Games at the end of last year and has featured intermittently ever since. His non-appearance in the last few months was a mystery though it's now been revealed that he has stopped playing because of his disenchantment with his Army teammates. Nicknamed 'Chaly' after the small motor-scooter because of his small stature and speed down the flanks, Soseila was a great favourite of the crowd last season, both for his club side and the national team with his electrifying pace, his refusal to give up or be intimidated by bigger players and his obvious enjoyment of the game. He is prone to the odd temper tantrum but at 19 he has years ahead of him to channel his energies in the right direction. At the moment though, his fall-out with his Army teammates leaves him in the stands watching from afar.

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