Monday, July 26, 2010

My top 20

Potential new face in the national squad, Khemara's Hou Sambo (8) alongside his club and national skipper Kuoch Sokumpheak (10)
To give the new Cambodia national team coach - South Korean Sejin Yeo is believed to be the main contender for the job - a headstart, here is my squad of twenty players, who in my opinion, having watched 90% of this season's C-League games, deserve first dibs under the new coaching regime. Most of the names will be familiar as the majority played in the national set-up under the last two coaches, Prak Sovannara and Scott O'Donell. There's no getting away from it, they are the best homegrown players in the C-League. I really wanted to include some new faces like Rim Bunhieng (BBU), Tes Sophat (Kirivong), Ek Vannak (Khemara), Suong Virak and Phuong Soksana (Army) but the established squad members simply couldn't be dislodged, based on form throughout the current season, which is just about to reach its climax.
I have included some fresh faces in my top twenty such as the Army's Thong Udom amongst the defenders. He's still just 18 and has a lot to learn but he's definitely one for the future. In midfield, Crown's Sun Sopanha has impressed this term, as has Khemara's livewire Hou Sambo, so they both get the nod, whilst in a dual role, the evergreen Sam El Nasa has played himself back into contention with a string of fine showings. Hard to believe he's only 26 years old as he's been around forever, though the oldest player in the squad is Pok Chanthan at 27. There's a four-way tie for the youngest, at 18, between Sou Yaty, Thong Udom, Oum Kumpheak and Keo Sokngorn. Also back in favour is Teab Vathanak, who is back to his goal-poaching best this season with 16 goals to-date.
So there you have it, no major shocks or surprises in my squad of 20, it pretty much picks itself apart from one or two slots that are up for grabs. If your own choices differ from mine, let me know as I'll be interested in your observations.
My squad with club and age in brackets:
Samreth Seiha (Army, 20), Sou Yaty (Army, 18).
Sun Sovanarithy (Naga, 23), Lay Raksmey (Preah Khan, 21), Tieng Tiny (PPCrown, 24), Sok Rithy (Preah Khan, 19), Pheak Rady (Army, 21), Thong Udom (Army, 18).
San Narith (Preah Khan, 23), Oum Kumpheak (Army, 18), Khuon Laboravy (Preah Khan, 21), Pok Chanthan (Naga, 27), Chhun Sothearath (BBU, 20), Hou Sambo (Khemara, 23), Sun Sopanha (PPCrown, 23).
Kuoch Sokumpheak (Khemara, 23), Khim Borey (Army, 20), Keo Sokngorn (PPCrown, 18), Sam El Nasa (Preah Khan, 26), Teab Vathanak (Naga, 25).
Phnom Penh Crown's influential midfield ace Sun Sopanha has performed well this season


Anonymous said...

Your top 20 is the best players in C-league.My selection mostly like yours,but I want to include another two players to the national squad.Chhun Sothearath (BBU, 20) replaced by Chan Rithy(Former P.P Crown). Kuoch Sokumpheak (Khemara, 23) replaced by Sin Dalin (Army).I think Kuoch Sokumpheak is not danger in front of goal he is fast but not good at dribble and score goal.So in my opinion Sin Dalin is better choice.He has impressed me so far.I will be delighted If the coach put three striker (Teab Vathanak, Samel Nasa, Sin Dalin) in front of goal.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy
My squad is
Goalkeepers: Seiha and Yaty
Defender: Sovannrithy, tiny, Thul Sothearith (Crown), Tieng Tiny, Rady, Chan Dara (Crown)
Midfielders: Narith, Laboravy, Monyudom, Sothearath, Chan Rithy (Nakorn Pathom FC), Sam El Nasa, Keo Sokghorn
Forwards: Khim Borey, Teab Vathanak, Nuth Sinuon, In Vicheka, Sokumpheak
My Opinion, Neang

Andy Brouwer said...

Thank you for your squad choices. We can debate these selections all day long and I can see where you are both coming from.
I have studied the play for example of Sin Dalin for Army all season and he was certainly in my considerations, but he doesn't have the touch or vision that players like Khim Borey and Kuoch Sokumpheak have.
Chan Rithy is an interesting choice. He has been a top player for many years but just before he went to Thailand his form wasn't very good. But he's a possibility if his form has improved, that's for sure.
As for players like Nuth Sinoun and In Vichheka, again I've seen most of their games this season and whilst both are good touch players, they lack in other areas like workrate and team ethic in my view, they are more individualistic than team players.
Football is all about opinions though, which makes it the game we all love. Thanks again for letting me have your suggestions.

Andy Brouwer said...
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Andy Brouwer said...

and my starting eleven (4-4-2) would be:
GK Seiha
RB Raksmey
LB Sovanrithy
CH Tiny
CH Rithy
M Sothearath
M Kumpheak
M Laboravy
M Sokngorn
F Borey
F Sokumpheak