Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sting in the tail

Naga keep their eyes on the big prize with another win, 4-3 against Khemara. LtoR (back) Theara, Isa, Oyewole, Oseika, Chenla, Sovanrithy, (front) Vathanak, Chanbunrith, Sokha, Ratha, Chanthan.
Both of the Saturday Metfone C-League matches had a sting in the tail this afternoon. League leaders Naga led twice, went behind and then beat Khemara 4-3 with a Teab Vathanak goal ten minutes from the end. It was tough luck on Khemara who gave as good as they got. In the other game, BBU grabbed the 3 points with a goal in the last minute from substitute Nuth Sinoun after the Army had opened the scoring just after half-time. Both Naga and BBU stay on course for a top 4 finish.
The rains came as Naga kicked off against Khemara and took a 9th minute lead when Kop Isa rolled the ball in after a neat wall pass from Teab Vathanak. Within a couple of minutes, Kuoch Sokumpheak had whacked in the equaliser courtesy of the underside of the bar. Naga sub Meas Channa curled a free-kick to keeper Hok Visokra's near post and he could only help it in off the post to give Naga the half-time lead. Khemara came out gunning after the break and in less than a minute, Suon Makara levelled when he latched onto a long ball to guide his shot home, whilst Naga keeper Mak Theara remained rooted to his line. Just 4 minutes later, Sokumpheak put his team ahead for the 1st time from the penalty spot after a needless handball by Joseph Oyewole. They held out for another 13 minutes before Tiet Chandara Sokha ventured forward from full-back and poked in the equaliser to his obvious delight. Both sides had opportunities to take the lead and just as I was thinking that Teab Vathanak had been starved of chances to add to his 15-goal tally, he popped up to get his head in front of a defender from a quick Meas Channa corner and Naga had won it. They didn't deserve it but they have been winning these sorts of games all season, so why stop now. No red cards flashed by referee Thong Chankethya but he did dish out 4 yellows.
Khemara lost again in their topsy-turvy season
Referee Thong Chankethya amuses himself and no-one else at the toss-up, with the dark clouds carrying rain closing in. The umbrella in the photo had been uprooted by the wind and was making its way across the pitch.

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