Sunday, July 25, 2010

Danger man

Mak Theara of league leaders Naga Corp - a dangerous opponent
He did it again. Naga's 19 year old goalkeeper Mak Theara is a dangerous man in my book. He has a very nasty habit of collecting the ball with the intention of hurting an opponent, or he would say, protecting myself against an attacker. In the 2nd minute of yesterday's game, he came out feet first to catch the ball on the edge of his penalty area and caught Kirivon's Ouk Thun in the neck! The match referee Thong Chankethya deemed it a perfectly acceptable challenge. I do not. If it happened in a public street it would be classed as physical assault. It's not the first time that Mak Theara's challenges have left my blood boiling. One day soon he will seriously injure an opponent if he's not stopped. The next time I see his coach Prak Sovannara, I will raise my concerns as I have a few. It was earlier in the season that he fly-hacked Prak Mony Udom and before that it was Theara who scorpion-kicked an opponent in the chest. Put aside that a scorpion-kick, where he brings his feet behind his head and plants them in the chest of the attacker, is a remarkably agile move by the keeper, it's also incredibly dangerous for the forward on the receiving end. However in all three instances the match referee has failed to recognise that all of the challenges were dangerous and illegal and so Theara believes he can get away with it. Protecting goalkeepers is a modern blight on the game by referees but allowing Theara to get away with what he's doing, is even worse. Okay, I'll get down off my soap-box.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with all your comments, goalkeepers are not protected in the same way... the number of times where strikers try to challenge the ball with two feet with the goalkeeper going in arms, or face first is more of a blight on the game... Goalkeepers have the right of way in the box, if strikers don't want to get hurt they can back off. Agree with the flykicking though, that's just plain dangerous.

Andy Brouwer said...

Anon, its good to disagree, that's what football is all about, opinions. I used to be a striker so I believe goalkeepers are much too protected these days but even so, the actions of Mak Theara overstep the mark on a regular basis. As for keepers having the right of way in the box, that's not how I played my football :-)