Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Way too late

This post isn't about Cambodian football. It's about watching live football in Cambodia. On the television. At 1.30am, in the morning. Yes, the final stages of the World Cup are upon us. Last night the Dutch beat Uruguay 3-2 and tonight the Spanish face the Gerries. The problem is the timing of the games as far as living in Cambodia is concerned. Way too late. I was happy to stay up for the England games at such a ridiculous hour, in a bar with hordes of other English fans, but both semi-finals and the final, which will be played at 1.30am on Monday, are crucifying my sleeping patterns. So I've decided to forgo the semis and save myself for the final (with the commentary in Khmer). Though I have a Dutch surname, Brouwer, there isn't an ounce of Dutch blood in my veins. However, you've got to take the positives where you can so I'll be supporting the team in orange for the final. Fingers crossed it will be against Spain, as no one seriously wants the Gerries to progress do they. Come on Holland.

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