Monday, July 5, 2010

End of an era

My match reports in tomorrow's Phnom Penh Post from Sunday's C-League games will be the end of an era. I've been chopped from the Post's sports reporting team in a cost-cutting exercise, now that they have a new Editor and he's demanding changes. Looks like more international sport, and considerably less local coverage (or in short, sharp chunks anyway) will be the new order at the Post. Well that's how its been explained to me. It's a shame for a number of reasons. The pay was a nice earner for sure, but reporting on the local football scene and particularly the national team was and is important. Before I stuck my oar in, there was virtually nothing in the PPP at all on local professional football. Over the past year and more, the football coverage has mushroomed, and now it sounds like the people in charge have decided its time to cut back. I'll still attend the games until the end of the current season and will then reconsider the future. Covering the matches religiously for the Post every Saturday and Sunday means that my weekends have not been my own during the football season, and it would be nice to get them back.


GADAFFI said...

Hi andy,
I was shocked to receive the news too, even though PPP still maintained my services is still needed in some capacity, I am really surprised that they have decided to go for mediocrity rather than Quality. We have over the years enliven the Sports scene through our reporting of local content and if PPP decides now to foreignize their sports pages good luck to them.

Like you said, we will be on the sideline watching.

Andy Brouwer said...

We'll wait and see how it shapes up in the future. I know they want to include more after-match comments so Chammy will be holding Manju's hand for the forseeable future.
But as with everything, when one door closes another one usually opens. If it means I can do whatever I please on a weekend in future, then that's a new door opening as far as I'm concerned.

GADAFFI said...

I see you are now being philosophical. Yeah, I have been involved with PPP for the love of the game and I remember how I pushed the Editor to include local content in their papers for the sake of Cambodia Sports development. I am glad that our efforts gave rise to the Khmer sports today even though we remain passive contributors.
Yeah, Chammy and Manju seemed to be favoured now perhaps for the sake of cost and I can only wish them good luck. I will follow the games as I have always done.
See ya