Monday, July 19, 2010

Korean in the frame

A new face will be on the bench for the Cambodian national team very soon, to replace Scott O'Donell (center). Photo: nicksellsphotography
I have it on good authority that the new Cambodian national football coach will be announced fairly shortly, certainly in good time before the AFF Suzuki Cup qualifying tournament takes place in October. More on the Suzuki Cup later. The new man at the helm will definitely be from South Korea, or the Korea Republic as its recognised by FIFA. There's no name in the frame yet as the Cambodian football federation are waiting to hear from their Korean counterparts as to who they are putting forward as their chosen candidate. The agreement between the two countries also goes higher than the two federations and the appointment will reflect the growing friendship between the Cambodian and Korean governments. In addition, South Korea will be paying the new coach's wages. There is also a determination by the FFC to get the backroom staff in place before the new coach is appointed and that is also taking shape.
It won't be the first time that a South Korean has taken charge of the national team. Yoo Kee-Heung was hired as the coach in December 2007 as part of a sponsorship deal but he was fired seven months later after a string of poor results and the discovery that he wasn't suitably qualified. Homegrown Prak Sovannara, currently in charge of league leaders Naga Corp, was the next to take on the job for a year before Aussie Scott O'Donell returned for his second spell in June of last year. Scott decided not to stay longer than his one-year contract hence the need for a new coach. The Suzuki Cup qualifiers will be in Laos during October where Cambodia will battle alongside Laos, Philippines and Timor Leste for two spots in the finals, to be held in Indonesia and Vietnam in December. With the Metfone C-League due to come to a close at the end of August, the new national coach will have the month of September and half of October to prepare his squad for the qualifying matches. Two World Cup qualifiers were also originally due to take place in October, but have been put back to the middle of 2011. I await developments with interest.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy.
I am waiting for your details about the new Cambodian national team coach.I hope the FFC will choose the quality coach instead of the poor one as before.I think there are a lot of quality coaches in South Korea but they don't come here because of the small amount of money.


Andy Brouwer said...

I read in the PPPost today that the name offered to Cambodia by the Korean federation is a coach by the name of Sejin Yeo. He has been at AFC training sessions for match commissioners (people who take responsibility for matches to ensure fair play, everyone follows the rules, etc) so if that's the same guy, it will be interesting to hear what his coaching qualifications are.
South Korea will pay his wages too. This is something I feel uncomfortable about, to be honest. Another Asian country paying the wages of our national football coach. It just doesn't sit right with me. And if we ever draw South Korea in competition, a massive conflict of interest methinks. Not that we will ever draw them, but I'm sure you get my drift.
watch this space.

GADAFFI said...

Hahahaha Andy, you make me laugh with your last phrase about cambodian getting to draw Korea in any international Meet. Maybe not for this generation with the way things are run but we never know.
Yeah, I strongly dont like the idea of Another FA paying for the coaches, they could possibly extend their benevolence in other area not by paying for coaches to say the least the national team coach. Little wonder the last South Korea coach had the worst ever possible results during his tenure here.
Its getting interesting and we can only sit and watch.