Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's in and out?

The 20-man Cambodia U23 national team that saw action in the SEA Games in December 2009
After this weekend's games I'll be looking at the potential names that could feature in the next Cambodia national team squad for the forthcoming Suzuki Cup qualifiers in October. The new South Korean coach, still to be officially announced, who will be assisted by his new Cambodian backroom staff, will have a month and a half to get the players in tune with his tactics and style, after the current C-League campaign comes to a close and the Suzuki Cup matches kick-off in Laos. Some of the homegrown players who've shone in this season's C-league must come into the reckoning whilst others, who were in the last SEA Games squad in December but have had little matchtime since, will possibly fall from favour. In the latter category, exciting Army winger Nov Soseila has virtually disappeared off the face of the planet, whilst teammate Lorn Sotheara has also seen little pitch-time. Chan Chhaya and Touch Pancharong have seen little to no action at all, whilst Chan Dara has just made it into the Crown line-up in recent weeks, the same with Sok Rithy at Preah Khan, so they are lacking serious match practice. Meanwhile, a few faces have stood out in the C-League campaign this season and they include Kirivong's skipper Tes Sophat, Khemara's Hou Sambo, Crown's midfield general Sun Sopanha, BBU defender Rim Bunhieng and of course, Naga marksman Teab Vathanak, who was a regular in the national team until suffering a serious injury. More next week.


GADAFFI said...

Andy, I think the FFC should take you on as the NATIONAL Team Scout. I bet none of the officials can come up with a list of the players who have shone this season in C-league and with just a few weeks for the new handler to take charge, I am sure he would be fed with the wrong players to start with if there hasn't been any one already scouting for them. I am sure you can do a better job if contracted.

Andy Brouwer said...

yes I have my concerns about who will be selecting potential faces for the new coach to look at. I have heard some names put forward for his backroom staff and I personally have not seen them regularly at C-League games, watching all the teams in action over the course of the season. If you are selecting players for a national squad this is a basic requirement. It's not a good idea to select a player based on 1 or 2 good games, you need to review them over the season, identify the positives & negatives in their particular game and whether its something that you, as the coach, can work with and improve.
The former coach, Scott O'Donell, did just that, watching all of the C-League games and also going to see some of the teams in training. That's exactly the level of commitment a national coach and his backroom team needs to demonstrate. For whatever reason, it appears that Scott's backroom team have been overlooked for positions with the new regime, which isn't really making use of the available talent is it. They have the experience but are not being utilized.
I await to be convinced.
My personal qualifications in selecting players is ZERO so I won't be putting my name forward :-)

Anonymous said...

hello when cambodia national football team start training ? how about friendly match?

Andy Brouwer said...

Good question Anon. Nobody knows as we are waiting for the new coach to be appointed, for him (or her) to arrive in Cambodia and begin their new job. I don't think anything will begin to happen until the C-League finishes towards the end of August.
That's my guess.