Sunday, May 22, 2011

And finally...

The Crown players watch the first match of the competition from the grandstand
And there's more. Another batch of photographs from yesterday's first round of matches at the Olympic Stadium in the AFC President's Cup. As well as the match action on the pitch - which was looking the best I've ever seen it - there was a live concert between the two games and then again after the final whistle. The stage action featured the excellent youth band Cartoon Emo and the country's favourite rapper Pou Khlaing, as well as some dancers and other performers. The Phnom Penh Crown victory was broadcast live across the country by the TVK and Bayon 1 television channels, as will their remaining two games on Monday and Wednesday.
Coach Bojan Hodak keeps an eye on the pre-match warm-up
Last few liquids in the tunnel before the game begins for the Crown players
The main grandstand is packed to the rafters immediately before the Crown match
The Don Bosco team from Sri Lanka had no answer to Crown's threat throughout the game
Referee Tseytlin from Uzbek is asking for the sun to be turned off before the game begins
Pou Khlaing rapping at the pitchside concert
Pou Khlaing (red shirt) and fellow rapper take a break between songs
More for Pou Khlaing and his dancing girls in Crown shirts
The excellent Cartoon Emo performing after the matches ended
And finally...some very shapely dancers and singers take to the stage

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