Thursday, May 12, 2011

Preap Sovath supports PPCFC

Preap Sovath joins the Crown academy youngsters for a new television commercial
Filming for the television commercial to promote the forthcoming AFC President's Cup tournament took place around Phnom Penh today. I managed to catch the last part at the Olympic Stadium tonight when the lights were turned on for a special appearance by a very special guest. It was none other than the legendary Cambodian crooner Preap Sovath, who joined the film crew and a host of extras to play his part in supporting Phnom Penh Crown's bid to win the AFC President's Cup. The tournament will take place on 21, 23 and 25 May and it's the first time that Cambodia has joined the ranks of the big boys to host one of the qualifying groups. And Crown mean business. Getting Preap Sovath to join the promotion is a major coup and with the television commercial being shown on local tv channels throughout next week, they hope his words, "Srolang Kampuchea, Srolang Phnom Penh Crown," will be a rallying cry for the Cambodian public to come and watch the football at the Olympic Stadium. For Preap Sovath, the country's most famous singer, to herald, "Love Cambodia, Love Phnom Penh Crown" will resonate with many. For the shoot, he joined the youngsters from the Crown football club's residential academy on the pitch. Earlier in the day the boys as well as members of the Crown first-team including Kouch Sokumpheak and Peng Bunchhay were filmed at various locations around town, including the Royal Palace and Wat Phnom.
The last take of the evening's filming as the academy boys salute Preap Sovath's words
Sovath takes a breather with Dara, who managed the commercial shoot
The boys enjoy a joke with Preap Sovath between takes
The academy boys and their coach Dary await further instructions
It's hot work under the extra lights, especially if you are wearing a suit
Lights, camera, action at Olympic Stadium
Some technical input from the main star to the film crew
Preap Sovath and the Crown President Rithy Samnang at the shoot
Crown keeper Peng Bunchhay comes under the spotlight
The film crew who began work in the early hours and carried on into the late evening

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