Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're on the TV

Well, here it is, the first-ever television commercial for Phnom Penh Crown and the soon-to-be-upon us AFC President's Cup. The Sports Promotion Group are responsible for the commercial which is currently being shown on television channels, Bayon 1 and TVK, in Cambodia in the lead up to this weekend's big event. We included a few of the team that will represent Crown in the competition, such as goalkeeper Peng Bunchhay (in close-up), striker Kouch Sokumpheak (at the Royal Palace) and Tieng Tiny, as well as our academy youngsters, finishing off with the most famous face in the country, Preap Sovath, uttering the words, "Srolang Kamuchea, Srolang Phnom Penh Crown!" The commercial lasts 1 min 34 seconds, though the last 30 seconds is naming the sponsors. I know it's a bit cheesy and you can blame me for the general idea and inclusion of the famous star but we had to start somewhere and I reckon it's a good 1st attempt. The clip will be on Bayon TV and TVK five times a day and on Bayon 1 ten times a day until the competition ends. The first game is at 1.30pm this coming Saturday (21 May) with Phnom Penh Crown playing at 4pm. The tension is palpable.

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Anonymous said...

Andy, who put this commercial together? I understand there is the idea and there is the actual people who storyboard, shot, and cut this thing. Don't want to sound mean but whoever is in charge of this needs to get in touch with those guys that made those cellcard commercials. I've seen some cool and professional ads from Cambodia in the recent years. So, I think it's not that they don't have anyone of such quality. They just need to get the right people.

p.s. I was expecting a cool eye-candy Euro style football spot (Nike, Pepsi) when I first saw the pics of the behind the scene a few days ago.