Monday, June 20, 2011

Crown crash

What a disaster. Phnom Penh Crown lost 4-0 to Naga Corp at the Old Stadium. No excuses, we started badly and simply got worse. We allowed ourselves to be sucked in and spat out by our big rivals. Of course there was confrontation and lots of moaning at the referee, but at the end of the day, Crown were given a first-half lesson and after that there was no way back. Naga go top in the meantime, though Crown have a chance to redeem themselves on Saturday and retake top spot. But they'll have to play considerably better than they did today. The first half showing was quite simply an unmitigated disaster of quite epic proportions. That there was no score after the break, when we were down to ten men, was something, but we didn't really make much headway in attack either. Massive lessons to be learned. More later when I've calmed down. I'm seething at the moment.

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